The Quick-Fill Story


Dick Schaefer and his wife Lyn have lived along the Platte River for almost 30 years, and in that time, they faced several close calls with flooding.


The Schaefers knew firsthand the importance of being prepared for extreme weather and how crucial sandbags were to protecting their home. Dick started researching ways to quickly and inexpensively fill sandbags. When he wasn’t satisfied with the products he found, he decided to create something himself.


Dick was working on a prototype of what would become the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger in his garage when he was forced to test its effectiveness.


In September 2013, Colorado experienced historic flooding. Roads and bridges washed away, and homes were also at risk. The Platte River swelled out of its banks, threatening the Schaefer’s home.


A group of eight family and friends gathered to help the Schaefers. Using the prototype Dick made, they built a protective wall around the house in 90 minutes, narrowly beating the surging waters.


After the successful test of his prototype, Dick kept working to improve it. He developed and patented the current model of the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger.


Jerry VanHoosen, a longtime business partner, helped the Schaefers during the flood. After seeing the difference the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger made, he knew it had tremendous potential to help others. Jerry spent the next three years working with the Schaefer family to sell it.


In early 2017, Jerry formed Quick-Fill LLC to focus on the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger. Dick and the Schaefer family continue to provide generous support.


Quick-Fill Sandbagger Prototype
The prototype in action.