See The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger In Action



The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System Advantages:


  • Fast and Efficient

The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System fills more than 12 standard 40 lb. sandbags per minute. Once sand is loaded in the hopper, the fill time per sandbag is approximately three seconds.


  • Consistent

The rotating drum produces uniform sandbags of equal weight and size every time, creating perfectly sized “sand bricks” that easily interlock to form effective, dependable barriers.


  • Portable

Fill sandbags where they’re needed. The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System is designed to mount on any vehicle with a standard 2” receiver hitch, making it easy to transport on site and move between affected areas.


  • Adaptable

Purchase leg attachments for a sturdy free-standing option, or double the loading capability with the hopper extension.


  • Time and Labor Saving

With a rotating drum and alternating delivery chutes, one person can be closing and sealing a sandbag while another bag is filling. The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System is easy to use and requires only minimal training for safe operation.


  • Dependable and Built to Last

The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System is engineered for durability, so you don’t have to worry about frequent or complicated repairs.


  • Perfect for On-Site Use

No electricity or fuel required!
Works with dry or wet sand.


  • Affordable

The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System delivers a long-lasting quality product for a fraction of the competitor’s price.


  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger System is manufactured in Commerce City, Colorado.



Sandbag Wall Build Times


Building a dependable sandbag wall requires a lot of sandbags. The chart below demonstrates the time saved by using the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger.

100 Foot Long  Sandbag Wall
Sandbags Required for Pyramid Placement
Bag Fill Time Using Shovel Method
Bag Fill Time Using the Quick-Fill™ Sandbagger
One foot tall 800 8.9 hours 1.1 hours
Two feet tall 2,000 22.2 hours 2.7 hours
Three feet tall 3,400 37.7 hours 4.7 hours